Useful and Functional

Models that are highly functional and versatile are really big on the scene. Sneakers are a great example of the way this trend has influenced the collection. They are comfortable, yet full of personality. They are a mix of sporting and casual, which means you can use the shoes as part of your look, whatever the occasion. Whatís more, the asymmetric styling gives them a touch of the unusual.

California dream

This trend is all about the beach, in everything, using natural colors for its inspiration. You can see this natural touch in the rustic and organic materials used. The lines and shapes are fluid and natural, giving the shoes a bit of delicacy. You get a feeling of the sea from the navy and mother-of-pearl prints, just right for the season.


Music festivals in the middle of the desert have also been a source of inspiration. The unusual mixture of textures, materials and colors gives the collection a dystopian air. Details that are full of personality give the seasonís models power and femininity.


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