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Glocal is the celebration of the global cultural heritage, allowing us to borrow, embellish and adopt with no restriction.

Burnt colors

The burnt colors are the best bet this season. Seen in monochromatic combinations, they are present in both plain and patterned materials.


Synthetic versions of fur have gained more and more attention. Presenting an immense variety of textures and colors ranging from light and delicate versions to more expressive and extravagant ones. The material is used both in boot collars or in linings.

Snake Color

Reptiles are on the spotlight this winter. Highlights to colorful skins. Also important are the burnt and strong hues, both colorful, mixed with black, and monochromatic ones.


Leopard, zebra and tiger patterns. Animal print has become a classic of all seasons, and it remains present in original and timeless colors. The tortoise finish reappears in the details.


Renewing the animal print lifestyle, this winter the cheetah print is the new item. It appears both in more elegant looks, open or closed, and in sporty looks.


Ethnic references in rustic straps mixed with colored threads that bring joy and distinction to the weaves. Used in sandals and flats uppers as well as in linings of soles and heels.

Handmade Look

Seeking inspiration in classic patterns through different techniques is also one of the proposals of this scenario. It includes the markings in leather and laminate that work with regularity, simulating woven patterns and manual techniques, such as braiding.


Chains are back as ornaments bringing grandiosity to shoes this season. They come in metal, resin, prints, just like Versace, Hermès and Chanel predicted.

Local Shine

Following the importance of metals this winter, localized applications bring movement and volume to basic models. In several formats of parts and drawings, stone and jewel application embellish shoes, adding a glamorous touch.

Rock and Glow

Military boots were important in the punk movement in the 1970s. Since then, they have gained heels and have become even more glamorous. They appear with new closures such as eyelets, laces inspired by the street style, and hooks.

Metal Lover

The metallic surfaces gain new effects with multicolor holographic shine and textures exploration. Metallic tones are explored in ornaments, buckles, chains, eyelets and hooks.

Tartan Clan

With origins in the Scottish clans of the 16th century, the plaid patterns follow traditional formats and a composition of sober colors. The distinctive aspect, which brings the idea of scenario restauration, comes through finishing, with gloss, stained effects simulating the action of time, and color insertions.


Differently than what many people think, the intention of the logomania in the new millennium is now showing off or demonstrating status. Its real goal is, in fact, to bring back the tradition of century-old brands in a joyful and current way.


Redefined femininity is nuanced, bold and refined - reflecting the diverse complexity of women in the world.


Highly elegant and feminine tones. The fluids gain space and leave the basics behind. Light and clear colors with nude, bamboo and vanilla nuances make looks and shoes highly versatile. In addition, there is also the new white, which takes on a more yellow hue, nicknamed mist.

Leather Touch

The nostalgic perfume is also seen in soft and velvety touches. In leather and synthetic materials, this effect is achieved through suede, nubuck and the plain chamois with the colors of the season.

Knot Style

The models come with a new bet bringing a vintage visual. Strings, rollers and knots appear in different ways in sandals and boots.

Old Bronze

The aged and elegant stones, which refer to the marble and the wood in copper tones are present in accessories and supplies. They are combined with croco textured materials, which bring even more sophistication to the shoes.

Wild Croco

Croco is very important this season. It has attracted the attention our female public as a texture that joins grandiosity and versatility.

Classic Pattern

Classic patterns, such as Chevron and Pied Poule are confirmed this season. They also grab attention in casual fashion, in simplified drawings, traditional formats and in composition of sober colors.

Wine O'Clock

Darker reds, wine tones and burgundy are important colors in the cold season. Colors stand out in chamois and nubuck. They appear in two color versions of monochromatic.


This exuberant celebration of the “do it yourself” identity challenges preconceptions of what things should look like and how they should be - all form, function and color rules are put aside.

New Cupsole

The tennis shoes took over the space of flats and shoes all over the world. The box soles in the sporty casual has been conciliating added value and comfort with elegant accessories, color points, materials and textures in detail. Wedge soles stand out even more.

Sporty Attack

Sportive closures, citrus and shiny tones, rubber toecaps, lettering and exclusive handles are part of this family. The sole comes with a new jogging, associated with higher turns.

Split Sole

The active references open space for the proposals of different soles. The robust and split are the evolution of the chunky sneakers of the collection. The main differential this season are the split soles, in reference to the street style.

Up in the air

Hiking boots have gained strength since last season. For this winter, they are more complex and in some cases they turn into hybrid models between boots and tennis shoes. Hook eyelets, colorful shoelaces, coupling closures and robust soles, they are strong features of this style.

Casual Style

The sole lines that remain strong in the collection, being confirmed as a trend, are the high box sole, wedge jogging, split tractor jogging and sole with bubble box. For this winter, they appear with new strings, boot models and shoe laces that follow the trends.


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